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Rob Rutley alternative wedding photographer for the North East and beyond
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so you wanna know more?

UK + destination weddings. based in the UK midlands but i love to travel so don't let distance come between us.

to get things straight, i don't do traditional or conventional.


alternative is my forte.

i won't faff around posing you in hundreds of varied group shots, that's not what i'm about. what i am about is authentic shots embodying you both as a couple, shots that give off badass vibes, the ones that'll make people just a little bit envious of your day because they're oozing with raw energy.

i want you to have fun + be as carefree + real as possible so what i capture tells your story. the photos we create together are designed to be looked back on over the years + the first thing i want to pop into your mind when you're reminiscing is


"that was the best f*cking day!"

cheeky bit of Q+A.

dream car?

ford f150

favourite season?


one bucket list item?

machu picchu

morning or evening?


any qualifications?

degree in film + video production

hogwarts house?


collect anything?

vinyl + pokemon cards


3 sisters

next vacation?

mexico in november

guilty pleasure?

the backstreet boys

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